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Hi, I'm Anna Lu,

a passionate Stop-motion animator located in Berlin,

who loves to design and build miniature worlds, but also concept all kinds of mixed media formates that combine analogue and digital visuals.


Anna Luisa Schmid, born 1990 in Berlin, grew up as a child of an actor in the world

of the film.

At the age of six she began to work as a voice actress in Berlin and collected

first experiences in stop-motion workshops as a teenager.

After graduating from high school in Berlin, she completed an internship at a

Stop-motion production of the clay animation film “The Hopper” and was a member of

Berlinale Tagesspiegel readers' jury.

She also gained experience as an actress on stage with several

Productions by the Ensemble “Das Durchgedrehte Drama”.

In 2011 she began studying animation at the Babelsberg Film University and

in 2014, alongside her studies, she took over the artistic direction of music video production “Cherry Oh” for Seeed, directed by Jan Koester of Talking Animals.

In 2017 she was artistic director for the student stop-motion short film “The last

Gardener ”directed by Johannes Dreibach.

In 2019 she finished her studies with the graduation film “Innendrin - on the Inside” (release 2021), which was awarded as "best animation" by Toronto international women film festival (TIFF).

Anna Luisa Schmid has been working since 2020 as a freelance animation artist in Berlin under the name “Animationsschmide” and produces music videos and animations.



November 2023

Costume and make-up artist for the documentary "The true story of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard" by ZDFinfo and Storyhouse

October 2023

Illustrations for the book "So sieht's aus" by Lisa Pauline Wagner (Berlin poetry-slam champion, german runner-up)

Costume and make-up artist for the documentary "The true story of Pink" by ZDFinfo and Storyhouse

September 2023

Animation sequences for the social media campage of Berlin Fashionlable 14N14

May 2023

animated background Visuals for the theater play "еffект" at Theaterforum Kreuzberg, Director: Konstantin Buchholz

February / March 2023

Visuals for the theater play "Staub der Prärie" at Gerhart Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz-Zittau, Director: Lisa Pauline Wagner

January 2023

Joined Filmmakers For Future to develope an climate activist AR-campagne together with Museums For Future

December 2022

Visuals & interactive Poster for the immersive theater project "Asozialisationsprogramm" by Caroline Wirth, Theaterakademie August Everding, Munich

November 2022

Costume and make-up artist for the documentary "The true story of Elon Musk" by ZDFinfo and Storyhouse

August 2022

Costume and make-up artist for the documentary "The true story of Kim Kardashian" by ZDFinfo and Storyhouse

July 2022

Stage design and visuals for the live performance "Aquawald" at "Mit Dir Festival"

June 2022

Exhibition of analogue artwork at KAOS Berlin

April 2022

Costume and make-up artist for the documentary "The true story of Lady Gaga" by ZDFinfo and Storyhouse

January 2022

Animation assistant for the play "History of an hour" at Ballhaus Ost Berlin, directed by Marie Schleef

August 2021

Costume design for the theater production  “Staatenlos - Meuterei in der Mitte” for theater collective WHEELS e.V.

during 2021

Production and release of the musicvideo “Circles” for Ok Pacific Band

March 2021

Stop-Motion-Workshop for school kids for the Filmreif! - Bundesfestival junger Film in St.Ingbert


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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